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Come join the fun at Durand's 39th Annual Railroad Days!



kiss the tracks

Rail road days is almost here!!! There are going to be some really great activities this year for you and your family to experience! Check this out!!!

~Railroader 500 is a Indy race simulator competition!~

YOU CAN BE JUST LIKE SOME OF YOUR FAVORITE RACERS!!! Come on down to the clock tower and give it a try for fun or competition!
It will be open Saturday and Sunday for everyone's enjoyment (Sat 3-9pm and Sun noon-6pm). But here's the cool part about it.....
On Saturday from 3-6pm racers can come down and race their qualifying rounds and then Sunday from 3-6pm the top racers will return and race each other in the tournament finals!!
Much like the Indy races there will be prizes including cash, ceremonial wreath, winners jug of milk and rather then kissing the bricks like at Indy, at Railroad days we "Kiss the tracks!" It's going to be a great time and great ending to Rail road days 2014!

Prize List

Grand Prize  $195 (cash and prizes)
Runner-Up  $143 (cash and prizes)
Third Place  $110 (cash and prizes)
Fourth Places  $93 (cash and prizes)

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