Railroad Person of the Year 2021



           Stan Dungerow                 


Stan Dungerow has been selected the 2020/2021 Railroad Person of the Year. This award is sponsored by Durand Union Station, Inc. in conjunction with Durand Railroad Days.


Stan began is railroad career in Durand with Grand Trunk Western in 1970 where he trained and worked on every clerical job available. He worked as a Yardmaster in the mid-1970s and was promoted to Relief Assistant Trainmaster by the end of the decade. He performed both the Yardmaster and Relief Assistant Trainmaster jobs in addition to his clerical duties. He often times did all three jobs working 16 to 24-hour shifts. Stan was promoted to Assistant Trainmaster in the mid-1980s and retired from Canadian National as a Trainmaster in 1997.


During his years with the railroad, Stan received two letters of commendation from then Superintendent Bob Gould for: 1. Fast action in scaling a cap that was leaking on a Dow Chemical tank car containing dangerous commodities. He was also commended for safety example by using proper safety equipment; and 2. Quick action in stopping a "runaway" freight car that was only a few feet from cars at the Oak Street crossing. Stan climbed up on the boxcar and applied the handbrake stopping the boxcar just inches from traffic.


Stan moved to Durand with his family in 1951. He then moved to Pinconning for a few years where he was a Volunteer Fireman, a Volunteer EMT for an ambulance company and a part-time police officer. Stan also spent nine years in the US Navy including two years aboard the aircraft carrier USS Hornet off the coast of Vietnam in 1964 and 1965.


Stan and his beautiful wife of 38 years, Nancy, now live in Swartz Creek. He is very active in his church and volunteers at the Durand Union Station. They have seven children between them and are the proud grand parents of 15 and extremely proud grandparents of their seven great-grandsons.


Please congratulate Stan as he receives his award on Friday, May 15 at 6 p.m. at the Durand Union Station and wave to him as he passes by in the Railroad Days Parade!


Social distancing practices are to be followed. This includes the wearing of masks and remaining socially distanced as directed by the State of Michigan.


Railroad person of the year application can be found here

Railroad Person of the Year Guidelines and Entry Form


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